Sensory adventures at Playpourri in Nagoya

Playpourri International has become the place to be on Friday mornings for new parents and their babies in Nagoya. A new weekly class — led by neurodevelopment therapist and educator Michelle Suzuki — is an adventure in sensory motor experiences.

Through the Playpourri window you will see a wonderful group of active, happy babies with their equally enthusiastic parents, all hard at play — all busy building happy, healthy brains! While babies roll on yoga balls, concentrate on floating bubbles, practise their rolling and crawling skills, and receive nurturing touch, parents are even busier getting inspirational ideas and practical tips to take home.

Classes are open for newborns to children aged up to 11 months. Bookings can be made by calling 052-761-3188 or by emailing [email protected] in English or Japanese.  For more information, please visit — ROWENA PIKE-MCFADDEN

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