A Plethora of Performances at AIS

February at Aichi International School is always pretty busy, and 2015 was of no exception. The second month of the year is one in which students get the chance to demonstrate their artistic and performance skills.

On Saturday 7th there was a talent show, with around 25 students taking to the stage to dance, perform magic tricks, play violin and piano, read a story, and teach the audience how to play tennis.

Then, on Friday 13th AIS held an Arts Evening. This was the school’s first student-led-conference evening, plus it was an opportunity for the school to showcase the student’s artistic talents. A number of elementary school students demonstrated what they have been learning this term in their violin lessons, plus at the end of the evening there was a fashion show.

Lastly, on Friday 20th AIS held its annual Speech Contest, with around 65 students from the Orca class (the oldest students in the kindergarten) and the whole of the elementary school reciting speeches they’d written themselves on a variety of topics.
After such a busy month, both staff and students are looking forward to the end of school year holidays in mid-March.