Sports Involvement Key at AIS

On Saturday 13th June Aichi International School will hold its annual Sports Day competition. Students from both the kindergarten and elementary school programs are split into four teams Edinburgh (blue), Blarney (green), Cardiff (red) and Leeds (yellow) to compete for the trophy and honour of being the 2015 champions.

The kindergarten event takes place in the morning, then following a short lunch break, the elementary school students compete in the afternoon. Races throughout the day include an obstacle course, egg and spoon race, relay and sack race, plus there are a number of ball throwing/catching games and of course tug of war. 

Involvement in sports is a key part of life at AIS, with students having the opportunity to attend live games, such as a Nagoya Grampus game in May 2015; to raise student’s awareness of soccer. Plus the school achieved the bronze medal award for the Presidential Youth Fitness Challenge in the previous school year, due to the number of points students achieved from participating in PE lessons during the school year.

The students have been practicing hard for the sports day event this year, and hopefully the weather will stay dry for what should be a fantastic day of sports action.