Exploring Autumn in Yoyogi Park

All the students at Yoyogi International School thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful Autumn weather last month. By taking advantage of our super location, everyone went on excursions to Yoyogi Park to enjoy the Autumn leaves. The teachers all encouraged the children to use their senses to explore the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the leaves and trees all around them. As the weather was so beautiful, the classes were often able to stay in the park longer and have a picnic; a lovely way for everyone to socialise together in the great outdoors.

Once back at school, the children’s learning continued as they worked on autumn-inspired art and craft projects, and Language and Literacy work. Their creations included leaf people, water colour painted leaves, leaf rubbings, sketches, so many different creative variations of Autumn trees, wonderful descriptive writing and imaginative poetry. It’s great to see how motivated the children and teachers have been by going out an experiencing the seasonal change for themselves.