Fundraising for Kumamoto

Our newly formed Student Council took on their first project this month, raising money for the Kumamoto Earthquake appeal. After learning about the dreadful earthquakes in Kumamoto our Student Council eagerly wanted to find out how they could help. We discussed ideas in our Student Council meeting and after deciding we couldn’t go to Kumamoto and help or send food in the post, we thought the best plan would be to raise some money for the people to use to re-build their houses and buy essential items. We wanted to think of a project the whole school could be involved in and came up with the idea of covering a picture of the Kumamon (the bear mascot for Kumamoto) with lots of different Japanese coins! One of our talented teachers helped paint a big picture of the Kumamon and then we stuck it down to the floor outside our school ready to be covered. During the day each class visited the Kumamon and placed their coins all over him; in fact he got so full we had to make a new shape to fill so also wrote a big sign saying ‘Kumamoto’ which we covered with coins as well! The following week all the Primary students worked together to count all the money raised and our grand total was ¥94,205! We are so pleased that with everyone’s help we have been able to send this money to the Japanese Red Cross to use to help the people affected in Kumamoto.