International Childen’s Day at JIES

On Saturday, April 23rd, Jingumae International Exchange School opened its doors to guests from the surrounding schools and community for their International Children’s Day Festival. The event revolved around classroom exhibits, demonstrations and games that gave insight and perspective into how human beings are “Sharing the Planet”. The students’ hard work paid off as the hundreds of guests explored through the hallways with wonder and joy. During the journey, guests encountered a beautiful river that had been neglected by humans and needed to be cleaned from pollution with a magnetic fishing pole. They also walked into a hole in the Earth tunnel to find energy resources in an exhibit called “World of Energy”, which taught about energy and brought up questions of people’s responsibility to Earth in changing resources into electrical energy. After that, they could move on to the future and learn about the resources from outer space in another classroom that used laser light stars and a satellite model to give the feeling of actually being there! Another classroom was turned into different animal habitats, such as the ocean, rainforest and grasslands, and guests could discover the predators, prey and their adaptations in each area. After visiting each of the rooms, the children could redeem their stamp cards for fun prizes and enjoy different foods from around the world.International Children’s Day at JIES was a great event for all who attended and participated, and we can’t wait until next year’s!