Creative Monkey Magic

The beginning of a fresh year is an ideal time to introduce more energy to creativity in your home, alongside revamped rituals that unite your family more intimately. Utilize the power of Japanese traditions, and let your children design original New Year cards. Super cute cards and stickers are available at convenience stores cheaply.

Have you tried the happy gratitude jar ritual yet? Fill it throughout 2016 with things that make your family smile and giggle. Open it together on New Years Eve, and remember the super fun memories. A 2016 wish list wall made from colourful Post-it notes, is another way to make family magic happen easily. Simple activities like these weave a sacredness to family life.

Year of the Monkey themed crafty fun can start with adorable monkey pancakes, cookie decorating, and cheeky monkey printables wrapped around bananas. Think about monkeys in origami, handprint paintings, paper plate fun, and monkey puppets. Brown pipe cleaners can easily transform into Curious George too. Older children will love carving their own monkey stamps from erasers, and creating string art boards with key words or images for 2016 inspirations. A creative life is a good life!

Excellent online craft ideas: