Christmas Crafts to Treasure

Making original Christmas mementoes with your child each year is such a special and intimate way to cherish their changing development, and honor their magical contributions to family rituals.

Handmade ornaments add such a warmth and depth to your home mood, and are super adaptable for all ages. Old CD’s come to life with buttons, spangles and anything shiny. Popsicle sticks shaped into Christmas trees or stars, and accompanied by stickers, markers and glitter glue is a wonderful invitation to create for children alone.

Another fun and cheap craft is to pre-cut colourful greengrocer boxes into various Christmas shapes for creative decoration and then adding bling with beads, ribbons and old Christmas wrapping paper.
Kids don’t need expensive things to get creative; twigs collected from the park can be shaped into a star or wreath, and wrapped with colourful yarn and pom poms for a delightful time.

Tape resist art with festive masking tape and crayon scribbles, or invisible messages with watercolors are other simple yet exciting things to explore.

Salt dough ornaments, popcorn garlands, scented play dough, and Christmas cookie making are other sensational hands-on ideas from the kitchen that children adore.

However you craft your Christmas experience, know that your children treasure this special time with you.

Excellent online craft ideas: