NewIS violinists perform at the Hotel Metropolitan

On the evening of February 4, 2014, nine of the New International School (NewIS) violinists (all of the students at the school learn to play the violin by ear) were privileged to have the opportunity to perform at the Hotel Metropolitan in Ikebukuro on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Toshima Ward Private School Association, of which Mr. Takuro Iwata, the founder of Iwata Gakuen (the parent organization of New IS), is the president.

The students performed Bohm’s “Perpetual Motion,” the theme song for “Ama-chan,” an NHK drama, and “Furusato.” Among the 70 or so guests was Mr. Yukio Takano, the Mayor of Toshima City, who will have an office near the school once the new high rise Toshima Ward Office is completed.

The event was a great way to introduce the school to the wider educational community in Toshima Ward, as well as to the mayor. NewIS remains the only international school in Toshima Ward, and the only international school in Japan where the students learn all subjects in both English and Japanese from age 3 to grade 12.

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